Sorority Life gets christmas presents


Much like every other social game on Facebook, Sorority Life is getting Christmas presents. These presents are free to send whenever you log in to Sorority Life, and are sent just like any other gift. However, the gifts can not be opened until December 25th, much like the gifts in FarmVille. They are opened different than most: you must perform an event in a certain location depending on the gift. The event and location will be apparent when you can open the gift, as they will sohw up under the socialize tab.

Alongside the gift-giving and opening, there is also an announced but unknown event to take place that will require multiple gifts, possibly multiple gifts of each kind. Naturally, you will want to send and receive tons of gifts to try and qualify for the big event. There's no other information on the event besides that it requires a lot of gifts.

[via Playdom Blog]

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