Sears killed his dog

If you're going to do a consumer wrong, try not to do wrong to their beloved dog.

There is no shortage of customer service horror stories. Service providers, government agencies, airlines, restaurants and hotels all raise our ire at one time or another.

Retailers really catch a lot of flack from upset customers. More so than most industries, statistically speaking. The sheer number of transactions on any given day is astounding. By some estimates, Walmart stores alone conduct nearly two million transactions a day in this country. So the odds of things going wrong somewhere are pretty high, and shoppers for the most part seem to understand this.

Where things really fall apart is how companies handle their mistakes. Combined with the great lengths a wronged party will go to get some satisfaction, there's room from some pretty amazing stories. None more so than the tale of Sears Killed My Dog.

Apparently, a gentleman in Dripping Springs, Texas was having a new freezer delivered from Sears when his dog ran out to greet the truck. That was the end of little Maxwell. A tragedy to be sure. But when he complained to a Sears manager (he used the word owner), he was pretty much blown off. He was even told that it was his fault for letting the dog be in the driveway.

This guy wanted an apology and someone to pay up. For something.

So he did the next logical thing: He started a Web site, It wasn't active for long. According to Consumerist, Sears corporate headquarters got wind of the incident, placed a call, made the apology and offered to reimburse the cost of the dog and the freezer. is just another parked Web site now. But the story behind it will live on as one of best, bad customer service stories ever.
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