Playdom's new Tiki Farm takes crop management to the South Pacific


While Playdom hasn't told us anything about it, the company's Tiki Farm game on Facebook apparently launched on December 7. We found it after finding the game's name during a random trademark search.

Best described as a Pacific island-based FarmVille, Tiki Farm gives players a limited amount of space to grow fruits, mushrooms, strawberries, hibiscus, sugarcane and even Venus Fly Trap. Tropical trees from banana to mango and macadamia are also offered.

During our few minutes with the game, Tiki Farm's beta status was clear. It's slow and buggy. We were unable to harvest any of our mushroom or orange crops to gain points to get to level 2. While we weren't able to really play, there are some obvious differences from your normal FarmVille experience. First, a Harvest button is used to collect and sell items (rather than the click and select the Harvest/Collect option). Next, certain crops require watering every 24 hours, done by clicking on the Water button. Players must also clear out any bugs that get in on the crops by clicking the Clear Bugs action button.