Pet Society cooking guide: Turn your pet into a celebrity chef


Pet Society is looking to broaden your virtual pet's horizons with a new cooking mini-game. The cooking works much like the cooking in Cafe World, you chose a dish to cook and then wait 10 minutes, 8 hours, 1 day, etc until its ready. Then, when it's done, the dish can be collected in exchange for 'cooking points' which will eventually give your pet access to new recipes. Below are seven steps to help your pet start the climb from kitchen novice to A-list celebrity chef.

pet society launches a new cooking mini game
pet society launches a new cooking mini game

1. To get started cooking in Pet Society, click on the storage chest and locate the cooking stove, which looks like a toaster oven. Drag the stove into your pets house and then click on stove, which will open the cookbook. (You can do the same by clicking on the new cookbook icon in the in-game menu).

2. Once the menu opens, you can read a brief set of instructions and then start the process of learning and cooking recipes.

3. To learn recipes, click Learn under the specific recipes in the menu. Adding new recipes to your repertoire will cost coins, from 17 coins for vegetable soup and more for more advanced recipes.

4. Once a recipe is added, it's time to cook. To fix a recipe, click the Cook button underneath the item you'd like to make. Note: cooking will cost the same number of coins it takes to learn the recipe initially.