Next tier of Vampire Wars New York missions unlocked


Those looking to master the next tier of the Vampire Wars New York missions can do so now, as this next tier has been unlocked. In order to access this tier, you must have the first tier mastered to level 1. This includes if the tier was reset, which means that if you reset the tier you must master it up to the first level again. Your reward for mastering the second tier will be progressively better versions of the ability Crowd Control.

As an extra hint, there is one mission in particular that is perfect for grinding to get Blood of the Elders. If you have mastered the first tier to maximum, you are probably running a little low at this point. If you need more, perform the Feed in Central Park job in the Neophyte tier. It costs 8 energy and gives 12 XP, 4-10 Blood of the Elders, and 4-6k blood. If you dump all of your energy into it for one day, you will have plenty of Blood of the Elders.