Life in a 55 Square Foot Rental

On the heels of a story about a couple's 175 square foot studio apartment in Morningside Heights, which they bought for $150,000, The New York Post has run a feature on outrageously small rental apartments, starting with the 55 square foot studio of Eddie Rabon.

The freelance producer's home in the neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, just west of Times Square, is only one square foot larger than a city jail cell. Rabon eats every meal out, and can't turn around in his sliver of a shower (some guests can't even close the bathroom door).

But after 18 months in the studio, he's still feeling positive: "The money I save not having to get on the train to get around because I'm in the center of everything is worth it." Besides, he adds, "I have a friend who lives around the corner – I consider that my living room."

Check out the video below for a tour of Rabon's home:

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