CrimeCraft: Kingpin comes to Facebook and iPhone


The free-to-play pseudo-MMO CrimeCraft has made its way to Facebook with CrimeCraft Kingpin, and while it tied into the main game, it doesn't really introduce that many new elements. It's standard fare for those than play games such as Mobsters or Mafia Wars, so while there is no real learning curve to speak of, it also fails to draw the player in with its uniqueness.

CrimeCraft Kingpin revolves around recruiting NPCs to your gang and then using them in missions. You have AP, which functions like energy in other, similar games, and you can either do missions or fight other players. It would be passable except for the obtuse interface and poor scripting, as everything seems to take ten times as long to do. For those looking to accentuate their CrimeCraft experience, this is the game for you. For those that aren't hooked to the original game, though, it's a cheap tie-in that suffers from too many problems to be a good social game.

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