4G network debuts in Sweden

Cell phone games
Cell phone games

Do you try to video conference, play online games or watch web TV only to find that your 3G connection from your mobile carrier is not fast enough?

TeliaSonera, a Swedish telecom company on Monday launched the next generation 4G service in Sweden and Norway. At 100 Mbps, the networking speed is up to 10 times faster than what current 3G networks offer. That kind of blazing speed is not available to US consumers.

Yes, there are a few companies here that claim 4G coverage, but their speed is nothing compared to what TeliaSonera is offering. Nextel's 4G maxes out at 10Mbps. Companies like Comcast that are offering 4G coverage based on Clearwire's network can offer speeds only up to 4 Mbps. So clearly, the prize for the first blazing 4G network goes to TeliaSonera.