Sexiest Realtors Sell More

San Francisco Bay Area Sexiest RealtorHurry, voting will soon close for San Francisco area's "Sexiest Realtor 2009" contest sponsored by The Front Steps.

We wondered: do "sexy" Realtors sell more?

If so, can average-to-unfortunate looking real estate professionals point to these teeth-whitened Realtors as the "sexy beasts" who steal listings at the bat of an eye? Can the average-to-unfortunate masses rally against these genetically-superior professionals as the root of market collapse?

Of course, Mr/Ms Attractive Realtor, we kid. After all, we want you to like us for our humor and personality.

But seriously: what's the deal with sexy Realtors making more money?

Average-looking people may already be familiar with studies that show that your appearance can help or hinder your earning potential. Malcolm Gladwell's book Blink partly discusses the correlation between height and leadership. It turns out that of a survey sampling of Fortune 500 male CEOs, most were just under 6-feet tall, or 3 inches taller than the average man. Other studies show that women are unconsciously penalized at work if they are just 13 pounds overweight.

Even though these kinds of bias are illegal, the preference for beautiful people seem to be hardwired into our brains.

Realtors could in fact make more money if they are attractive. Sales people in general make more money if they are better looking, so much so that some sales companies recruit cheerleaders. So it follows that realtors, a specific kind of sales person, are likely to have similar money-making advantages if they are "hot". (The Front Steps award won't hurt, either!)

We won't blame the realtor "hotties" for the market collapse, even if they might have been able to up-sell and out-sell their average looking clients and competitors.

We won't mind reviewing their headshots just to be on the safe side.

Nod to: Penelope Trunk
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