Can You Buy Cheap and Look Like a Lavish Gift-Giver?

How to Get Department Store Holiday Gifts For Dollar Store Price

(Plaid dress in this video provided by Anastasia Chatzka. Special thanks to

Feeling the pinch as you scan your holiday gift-giving list? You should be heading for a dollar store to get great gifts that you can dress up as fancy gifts. How much can you save? We put ourselves to the test to see what we could get for the people on our list.
1) Votive candle holders
Discount Store: price $1 each
Designer price: Ralph Lauren, $60
Savings: $59

Designer price: Calypso, $275
Savings: $273

3) Blue vase
Dollar Store, wide-mouth blue vase - $1.25
Designer price; Macy's, $25
Savings: $23.75

4) Bird mugs
Dollar store: $1
Designer price: Anthropologie, $10
Savings: $9

Total savings for our shopping trip: $364.75

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