Rental Design Trends for 2010

Crystal BallConspicuous consumption is so... not last year. We've checked the tea leaves and it's not slated for a comeback in 2010, either.

Cyberhomes featured a great list of five home design trends for 2010. We covered these very peek-into-the-future trends in 2009.

Then again, we had the unfair advantage of access to the AOL Soothsayer Department...

Tiny is Big
McMansions - out. IttyBitty - in. Smaller places have distinct advantages ranging from reduced maintenance costs to smaller environmental footprint. We profiled a 175 square-foot studio and a house just 66 inches wide.

Open Floor Plans Still Popular
Know what's even better than open floor plans? Full, open exploration of potential apartments. We picked our favorite apartment listing from Los Feliz (Los Angeles), and, showed you the cool 3-D technology you can use to explore your next place in pajamas.

Home Offices

Home offices aren't just a perk; they are increasingly becoming a necessity. We profiled people in several cities who work from the comfort of their apartments.

Green Details
Environmental issues have been on our minds, too. Check out just a few environmentally-themed stories in our Apartment Earth column.

Extending Outdoors Inside
Yep, we covered that, too. Did you miss it? Here's how to annex your roof.
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