Not Playing FarmVille group nearing two million


For every popular movement, there's an opposing group that disagrees. The same idea also goes for the popular social networking game FarmVille and its 72 million monthly users. While FarmVille has its naysayers on Facebook, most of the groups attract tens to hundreds of players at most. Then there's the exception, one group called Not Playing FarmVille recently achieved over 1.8 million fans, who revile the the popular game that turns Facebook players into virtual farmers.

While most of the pictures posted on the Not Playing FarmVille group page portray grand pixel art created with in-game fields, it also shows off the creativity of those who don't choose (at least publicly) to play. True, much of the art might not be considered in good taste depicting profanity, male organs, various ways to torture the game's signature cows, illegal crops that some might want to grow and a several shots of a scantily clad woman of Asian decent.

So if you've found yourself shying away from the fields of FarmVille, the Not Playing FarmVille group on Facebook might be the place to meet people just like you.

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