My Big Fat Foreclosure

"I have no clue where I'll be," come Friday, says Greg Staffa in a phone interview with HousingWatch. The Farmington, Minn. man claims that is when he will be thrown out of his modest townhouse into the bitter Minnesota cold at week's end -- and all because he is overweight. Oh, let's just skip the political correctness here. Because he's "fat."

Staffa's troubles began, he says, when he was injured on the job as a baggage handler for Northwest Airlines back in 2006. At the time, the now 34-year old Staffa weighed in at 275 pounds. He stands 5'9, he says.

A doctor hired by Northwest wrote a report blaming Staffa's injuries on his extra weight. That, says Staffa, led to a cascading series of events that left him unemployed and unable to pay the mortgage on his home since October 2008.