FarmVille holiday tree replacement now available


If you've logged into FarmVille on Facebook lately, you're probably already aware that each player's has been gifted a holiday tree, which you can plant on your farm, and then grow by filling it with presents (which you receive from your friends).

Farmville holiday tree replacements have arrived
Farmville holiday tree replacements have arrived

A few virtual famers who accidentally deleted their holiday tree don't have to miss out on the fun, because you can now buy a new tree in the FarmVille Market.

To locate the tree: open the FarmVille Market, click on the Trees button at the top and then the first tree in that section is the Holiday Tree, which you can buy for 10 coins. Don't get greedy, though. There's a limit of one tree per person, so if you already have a holiday tree planted on your property, the tree will appear 'locked,' per the image above.

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