Cafe World adds Mystery Crates


Fans of Mafia Wars are used to Mystery Crates, a grab bag of sorts purchased (mostly) with real money that gives players a chance to score rare items. While the practice is good for players seeking the rarest loot in the game, Zynga's teams haven't been open about how many Mystery Crates are purchased.

Given that Mystery Crates showed up in Zynga's Café World game on Facebook over the weekend, one might assume that the purchasable crates do make good money for the social gaming company. Granted, the rules have changed for Café World. Unlike the the Mafia Wars model where players can buy multiple crates at a reduced rate, Cafe World Players can only buy a single crate for 10 Café World Cash.

Of course, given that the free way of gaining Café Cash seems to be permanently locked at 5 (10 is needed to buy a Crate), opening a Mystery Case requires a real world money purchase of $4.99 or greater.

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