5 Great Holiday Decorations Under $20

Less is always more in a small apartment. So don't spend a lot over-stuffing your place with holiday decorations this year. Instead, go with a chic - and budget-friendly - minimalist theme. Try hanging homemade paper snowflakes from the ceiling for a festive party atmosphere. Or go outside and see what you can find. Spray-paint some twigs silver, or go natural with pine cones and holly displayed in bowls and vases. And since we all must accessorize (a little), here are five great holiday decorations under $20 to add some merry to your holiday.

  • Dreidel Place Card Holders, $19

    Even if you're not hosting a sit-down dinner, use these silver-plate place card holders to label appetizers, cheeses, even wines and themed cocktails and they'll bump up your holiday festive-factor. Four to a set, $19 at Pottery Barn.
    [via Shelterpop]

  • Urban Outfitters Purple Tinsel Tree, $15

    I love this cute, retro tinsel tree from Urban Outfitters. It's 18" tall and its slight purple cast says it's from this part of the century. And since you won't be responsible for killing a helpless evergreen, it's eco-friendly, too.
    [If only this cool, cardboard fireplace was $4 less I would have included it, too.]
  • Hand-Knit Stocking, $20

    Add a little of the handmade trend to your holiday decorating this year with this hand-knit stocking from A Little Catty on Etsy.com. And at $20, you won't do better than that anywhere.

  • "Joy" Burlap Pillow, $12

    We've written about the burlap trend sweeping the design world. Here's one way to work it into your holiday decor. This cute burlap pillow cover with the word "joy" embroidered on it by Home Spun Style could actually work all year. And for those who don't favor the obvious holiday color schemes, this is a subtle alternative. And the price is right at $12!

  • Marcel Wanders for Target Pillar Candles, $15-$20

    Trade up the staid old pillar candles, or the equally-boring votives for these imaginative candles from the Dutch designer's first line for Target. The smaller silver/gold/white candles go for $15 a pair, and the larger white/red/silver ones are $20 each. The whole Wanders collection can be ordered online at Target.
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