Dinners your kids will love: Spaghetti pie for under $15


When you're a parent, pasta appears on the dinner menu all too often -- and at least twice a week. For those nights when the kids are clamoring for more tasty noodles and you're fresh out of ideas, try a fast and fun version of spaghetti and meat sauce from Chef Antonio Frontera, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Kids in the Kitchen. The "pie" serves up to 6.

Is there anything as wonderfully weird as spaghetti? It starts out as yellow sticks so skinny that you can barely hold them. Then you plop those sticks in boiling water and, in a few minutes, you have something soft and smooth and yummy. That yummy stuff then gets mixed up with little round meatballs and goes swimming in bright red tomato sauce that gets all over your face and gives you a spicy red moustache.