This Week's Hot Rental Stories


- Big news! We launched a sister site: with real estate news and opinion for buyers. Check it out if you're thinking of buying or just want to be up on the real estate market.

- We still can't get enough of Tiger Woods and his juicy affairs. This week readers were drawn to our story on Tiger's Palm Beach mansion, perhaps they wanted more info about the scene of the crime. See our other stories on The Tiger Affair.

- Who knew that one of the Girls Next Door is a Realtor? Our video interview with the Girls peaked quite a bit of interest this week. I guess everyone wants to know what it's like to live in the Playboy Mansion. (BTW, We also wrote about Hef selling his personal mansion next door to the girls and the Playboy Mansion.)

- VA loans are still a hot topic. Our story about VA loans examines the problems that can occur for soldiers and their families who are trying to buy foreclosed property with the government loan system.

- Tempers are raging in this cruel real estate market. Our piece on the nutty L.A. couple who tortured their loan-modification agent continues to fascinate. I think we're all getting some sick pleasure from their story.

- And you were sucked in by our story of this shady rental scam. Watch out for this Nigerian landlord. How shady.

- Another hot topic was conserving heat. Our most recent Savings Experiment shows you how you can save money on heating this winter. Very important.