Vampire Wars Tip: How to get Elder's Blood

With the new zone for Vampire Wars only being available until the end of December, players have got to jump on the missions located within right away. However, every mission in New York requires Elder's Blood in large amounts, and you can only get it from a few locations. So here's where you can snag yourself some of that precious Elder's Blood.

  1. The Collector located in New York can get you plenty of Elder's Blood as long as you pay his price. The longer you send him out, the more blood he will bring back. However, over time the amount of blood he is carrying will diminish, so you will need to get it from him within 24 hours of him completing the task. Once you have gathered the Elder's Blood, you can send him out again.
  2. You can buy Elder's Blood directly using Favor Points, which are the microtransaction currency. If you really want to spend some money on Vampire Wars, this is the easiest and fastest way to get Elder's Blood. It just costs real money.
  3. Elder Blood is a common drop from any normal mission in amounts ranging from one vial to six. The higher the level of the mission, the more Elder's Blood will drop when you complete it. It has (according to our testing) somewhere aroung a 30% drop rate, which lower amounts obviously being more common than higher amounts.
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