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Search & Win
Search & Win

Shhhh ...don't tell, but there is a great way to make money online without doing anything. Seriously. Swagbucks is a probably the easiest way I make money online.

All you have to do is join the site (for free, of course) and set it to be your Internet search engine. Then every time you search you have a chance to win a "swagbuck." Sometimes you get chances to win two, five, or 10 swagbucks at a time.

You collect swagbucks as you go about your normal Internet browsing. Some searches earn you swagbucks, others don't.

Once you've collected a few, you redeem them for prizes and gift cards. I accumulated more than 1,000 swagbucks in my first month using the site, although to be fair, I spend all day online as part of my job.

Here are some of the prizes you can get with swagbucks.