PetVille releases first game to play with your pet -- Bubble Pop

petville bubble pop game launches
petville bubble pop game launches

One of our biggest complaints about the new Facebook game PetVille is that once you visit and clean up your pet (and your friends' pets) there's not many other ways to interact with your virtual best friend.

That's starting to change, though. Staring Friday, December 11, you can play a Bubble Pop game with your pets. Essentially, your pet blows bubbles and you have to pop a certain number per round. To pop bubbles, simply click it using the left mouse button.

To play PetVille's Bubble Pop game, log into PetVille on Facebook and then click on the World icon on the lower left hand of the screen. A pop up screen will appear, and you'll find a new Bubble Pop option. Click on that and you'll be taken to the game, where you can play to your heart's content.

The concept of clicking to pop bubbles sounds mundane -- and in the first few levels -- it is. As the levels progress, the challenge gets more difficult, and soon you'll be clicking like a madman trying to pop all of the bubbles before they escape the screen. The game is a good first step to adding more interactivity to PetVille -- something that was obviously missing when the game first launched earlier this month.

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