New poll finds demand for job creation, tax hike on the rich to pay for it

So The results of a new Bloomberg poll about spending and job creation really comes as no surprise, considering the unemployment situation. 60% of Americans support government spending on job creation. And a full two-thirds of Americans want to pay for it by raising taxes on the wealthy.

And it's no wonder.

I popped into the hardware store the other day to summarily mow down the rack of replacement twinkle lights with an Uzi 9mm. It's a long story that involves the lights in the star ornament we traditionally mount at the top of our tree. But, suffice to say, next year we're transitioning to LED lights once and for all. 29,000 hours of life in an LED, along with never having to buy another packet of twinkle bulbs, is worth the higher price tag.

Anyway, as I stomped towards holiday section and unholstered my Uzi, I noticed a familiar face talking with some other customers across the way. It was a good friend of mine who, I thought, was an executive for a local media company. That night, however, he was working at the hardware store. Orange vest, name tag, one of those lower-back support belts strapped around his waist.

I don't know if he spotted me, and I hope he didn't. It's not that I was trying to avoid him, it's just that there's an unwritten Guy Rule, I think, that bans us from approaching our friends if they're forced by a crappy economy to take a part-time job at a chain hardware store.

I hasten to emphasize that there's nothing for him to be embarrassed about. The economy is what it is, and we're all doing whatever is necessary to make the bills at the end of the month. Me, I'm applying for a part time job as Tiger Woods' sex-toy caddy. We do what we have to do.

Nevertheless, I suspect when we hear about this year's bonus bonanza from the major financial institutions, the numbers supporting more job creation and taxing rich people will likely bump upwards a notch. As it should. The CEOs and executives that forced us into this mess and then accepted billions in taxpayer bailout cash seem to be doing just fine, while the rest of us are schlepping garland in the trim-a-tree aisle in order to pay our mortgages.

Yesterday, I learned through my wife that my friend was laid off a couple of weeks ago. Happy holidays.
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