Mafia Wars performance upgrade impacting fewer players


The team behind Mafia Wars has had a rough time keeping up with the millions of mobsters who roam the streets of New York, Cuba and Moscow. A few weeks ago, the team released a performance patch in early November that was supposed to speed up a game, which had been getting slower as more players logged on.

The first attempted didn't go as planned
. Crucial items like accessing the bank to deposit your money, missing look and going to see Godfather were gone. To alleviate the issues, the old version of the game (without the performance patch) was returned to Facebook.

This week, the team relaunched the newest version of the Performance Upgrade along with several fixes to thwart the efforts of botters, hackers and cheaters. But the developers admit that a small group of players reports issues with accessing their profiles or stats in the game. Yet the end of the nearly month long snafus are almost over as the team plans on delivering an update about the issue news by noon PST today .

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