Ladies Who Love Real Estate

What you've always suspected is true: women dig real estate more than men.

A survey by Barclays Wealth, reported by the Wall Street Journal, found that 44 percent of women consider buying real estate more enjoyable, not having sex, but investing in other asset classes, compared to 28 percent of men.

And nearly half the women who took part in the survey - respondents included 2,000 high net worth individuals world-wide with up to $24 million in investable assets - think real estate isn't as risky as stocks, compared to 37 percent of the men, the report says.

Are men just not that into it?
The report doesn't really say why guys are shy when it comes to real estate.

But it does offer a intriguing men-are-from-mars, women-are-from-venus observation: buying residential real estate is more about a personal relationship than "just a pure financial investment." Property has a special place in an investor's heart, as well as her portfolio, the report says, and we all know that men are not in touch with their feelings.

Which is perhaps why women also like to invest directly in real estate. Only 14 percent of women would put their money into a real estate fund, preferring bricks and mortar, compared to 34 percent of men. Why not have the real thing, they seem to be saying, while guys are - surprise surprise - afraid to commit.

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