InkStop locked employees out in the cold, then reopens to liquidate


It won't be such a happy holiday season for employees of InkStop. The printer ink and electronics retailer, which abruptly shut its doors Oct. 1, had said it would reopen after restructuring. On Friday, however, parties in charge of liquidating the company's assets announced that they had begun a sale of InkStop's inventory to raise money to pay off the retailer's debts.

Not all of the retailers 152 stores will reopen for the sale, said the liquidation partners in a written statement. Just 25 to 35 InkStop locations will reopen at selected sites in and around the Philadelphia, Washington, Cleveland, Detroit, Atlanta, St. Louis, Dallas and Denver metropolitan areas. Among the products to be sold are digital cameras, GPS units, MP3 players and computer gadgets. The sale will continue until all merchandise is sold, the liquidation partners said.

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