Get pink and green cows in FarmVille


Now that FarmVille players can start breeding on their farms with the recent introduction of bulls (seriously, no BS) in their darily farms, fans are already letting nature take its course. Yet, the fields of FarmVille are offfering up a completely unnatural option as well, players can adopt brown and white calves along with their green and pink counterparts.

Yes, you too can now add more color to the dairy farm by using these bright mini-heffers. And they're not difficult to get. Players gain them once a baby calf is born. Once born, you can share the announcement by allowing friends to Adopt the Baby Cafe! via the Facebook news feed. Friends even get to choose the color.

Dairy farms with a higher prominence of one color will also increase the likely event that new calves will share the same color trait.

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[via LightChan and FarmVille Wiki]