Get a Piece of the Hotel Bel-Air

Marilyn Monroe slept here with Joe DiMaggio, U.S. Presidents and other world leaders have crossed the threshold and now you can own pieces of this stylish hotel's opulent design for your very own pad.

The Hotel Bel-Air closed down earlier this year for renovation (because how else do you stay on top than improve something that's already great?), and now their old furnishings are being sold to make way for the new. Sofas, lamps, art, end tables, pillows, TV's and more.

Buy a piece - or an entire room of items - from the hotel Oprah has called her favorite. (It's also this writer's favorite too, but that's not gonna do as much for its cred as Miss O.)

Don't head to the hotel or you will get turned away (it's not a garage sale people). Instead head to Santa Monica to an empty Circuit City on 4th Street where the furnishings are being sold. Two floors of a giant space weren't enough, so as items get sold more are brought in from warehouses and the hotel. The sale started on Dec. 3rd and is slated to go on until mid-January - but if everything goes, it's gone.
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