Finally, instant gratification with an Internet purchase

Amazon's new Disc+ On Demand program is a cool promotion which solves the biggest problem of ordering form the low priced Internet giant; the wait.

While Amazon's DVD prices have traditionally been very competitive, if you wanted to pick up a new release and watch it instantly you were out of luck. Now instead of going to your local retailer and paying $3 more for a DVD you can order it on Amazon and begin watching the movie instantly.

The new service is only available on around 300 DVD and Blu-Ray titles including new releases, classics and some TV episodes, and the instant digital version you get is being called a gift.

Right now, since the program is in its early stages there are a few oddities like the fact that some digital copies are yours to keep and others you are only renting for 30 or 60 days. Also, you can only get the standard definition version of movies as a free gift. It's likely that these restrictions are in place while Amazon makes the case to movie studios, which fear change as elephants do mice, to expand the offer.

In addition to the ability to start watching your new DVD purchase right now there are a few other benefits to this service including the ability to easily watch a new movie you purchased on a netbook or other computer without a DVD drive.

Another handy benefit is that if you order a participating movie as a gift you can watch a streamed version of the movie without the gift recipient wondering why their new DVD has been taped shut.

Pricing for the DVD and Blu-Ray discs that are part of the Disc+ On Demand program have not been increased to compensate for the $4 valued watch instantly version and with some movies like "Blazing Saddles" and "The Usual Suspects" priced at $9.99 for a Blu-Ray copy, it's smarter to purchase the Disc+On Demand combo rather than paying for a rental. That is assuming you will watch it again.

This is a cool program that with more movies, and the ability to watch the digital copy on any device, like a phone, will offer movie lovers a great value.
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