Electronic Arts attempting to cross promote Pogo and Pet Society


Electronic Arts, owner of both Pogo.com and Facebook game makers PlayFish is finally beginning to try and flex it's promotional muscle. We just received an update on our Facebook feed informing us we should check out PlayFish's Pet Society.

Promotion like this should be common place for across all of EA's properties but we've yet to see the full force of the powerful EA push this level of promotion.

It seems strange to us that EA is using Pogo.com's fan page with it's over 120,000 fans to try and push it's players to Pet Society. Pet Society with the HUGE fan base (as noted in the image) of nearly 4,000,000 should be pushing players to Pogo.com?

It will be interesting to watch what EA plans to do with PlayFish as we have seen PlayFish's daily active users drop since the acquisition a couple of months ago.