De-motivational posters designed to curb FarmVille addiction

Farmville addiction deserves some demotivational posters
Farmville addiction deserves some demotivational posters

Like anything that goes from zero to awesome overnight, FarmVille is starting to experience a bit of a backlash.

We've seen people do everything from starting Not Playing FarmVille fan sites on Facebook to threatening to cut off friends who are constantly spamming them with updates that say stuff like "Libe just leveled up in Pet Society" or "Libe found a clumsy reindeer on their farm. Oh no!" (I am obviously guilty as charged).

In our Internet travels today, we ran across a site with a series of FarmVille-themed de-motivational posters, designed so naysayers can send them to friends who've spent a little too much time riding around on virtual tractors. We related most to the one to the right, because, indeed, this is the best we can do with houseplants.

OK, so these posters don't exactly have the most clever insults (like the poster that says joining Facebook a cry for help), but the cranky bastard who made these gets an 'A' for effort.

[Via Infidel Nation]