YoVille gets holiday-themed decorations and house

Keeping with the themes of the holidays for most social games, YoVille has received some new holiday decorations. These decorations range from lawn ornaments to Christmas trees, and range in price from extremely cheap to exorbitantly expensive. There's quite a lot of them as well, although most of the decorations are the same item in different colors.

Alongside the new decorations comes a new house for people to buy. This holiday themed house, the Gingerbread House, is available for 45 YoVille bucks, which is about equal to $9. The Gingerbread House only has three rooms: living room, bedroom, and bathroom, which limits the amount of decorations one can put into the house itself. Those looking for a Christmas-themed home will be happy, but those that want a more spacious living area would be better off using their YoVille cash to buy a larger home such as the Nifty Fifties House