Vampire Wars ships players to New York

Those that have been playing Zynga's spin-off Vampire Wars have finally found out what all that Blood of the Elders is for. Zynga has initiated a holiday event (although not holiday-themed) for the bloodsucking game. Vampires must unlock a portal to New York with a key and complete missions to acquire up to ten new abilities. All of these missions require Blood of the Elders, which can either be bought from a vendor in New York, bought with real cash, or acquired through normal missions in the standard area of Vampire Wars.

The plot of the new area has you chasing down a rogue vampire whose brood is becoming more violent and noticeable. Each mission tier is unlocking approximately one week after the other, and mastering each tier to level 3 gives you the aforementioned new abilities. However, in order to do one of the missions in the first tier, you need an ability that can only be acquired from Akem's Gamble, so you will either need to spend some money to get favor points to gamble or wait each day for another try.
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