Sleeping like a baby? More than 9 million cribs, sleep products recalled in two years


Nearly 9.5 million sleep products for infants and toddlers -- cribs, bassinets and play yards -- have been recalled in the past two years following 16 deaths and more than 2,200 incidents. Yet, many of the products that have proven fatal are still in use, putting children sleeping in them in extreme danger.

The child safety advocacy group, Kids in Danger, tallied the enormity of the recalls in a just-released report. Shortly after the reportwas released, yet another sleeping product was recalled -- the Amby Baby Motion Bed/Hammock-- following the deaths of two infants.

Nicola Johns knows just how important it is to get the word out about these unsafe baby products. One April night, she put her son, Liam (pictured), to bed in a crib made by Simplicity, a company that is responsible for many of the recalls that have occurred in recent years. Johns looked in on Liam in the morning and couldn't see him; he had become trapped between the mattress and rail when the rail pushed away.

"When I walked closer I could see he was hanging," Nicola Johns wrote in an account for Kids In Danger. "I lifted up his arms. He wasn't breathing."