Restaurant City gets holiday recipes


Those looking to spice up the life of their restaurant in Playfish's Restaurant City will be happy to know that new recipes are now available for all who wish to learn them. These recipes can be learned and upgraded like any other recipe, but can only be learned throughout the month of December. We are unsure if all holiday recipes disappear after the holiday event is over, or if learned recipes stay (and can be leveled up) while unlearned recipes disappear. The second possibility seems much more likely. There are two recipes in every dish category, with one last dish being present in drinks as eggnog.

Alongside the new recipes comes some new festive stoves and drink coolers. They certainly look holiday-themed, but the real bonus is that they prepare dishes 10% faster than the other appliances. The stoves cost Playfish money, while the coolers cost a large amount of cash. Check out the selection of holiday dishes after the jump.