Martha Edges Out Ralph at Home Depot

Move over Ralph Lauren. Martha Stewart's moving in on Home Depot and there's little to stop her.

We reported on Stewart's new partnership with Home Depot when it was announced in September. But now, the hostess-with-the-most-money just sweetened her deal with the world's largest home improvement chain. She will now also sell a line of indoor and outdoor paints as well as eco-friendly cleaners of all kinds.

And the casualty awards go to Lowe's, who used to sell Martha's paints until her contract ran up in September, and Ralph Lauren, whose Ralph Lauren Home paints will no longer be carried at Home Depot and don't seem to be available online at Ralph Lauren Home.

No doubt Stewart brought much muscle with her negotiations. She reportedly made K-mart, where she has sold her licensed goods, $1 billion in revenue annually. Wow, Martha, you do deserve all that nose-in-the-air confidence.

The Martha goods hit Home Depot in January 2010 and they'll include home organization, outdoor living and home decor, with more lines to be announced soon. Click here for more details on her paint and eco-cleaning lines. Or here to see where else you can get Martha-sanctioned products.

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