George Stephanopoulos to co-host Good Morning America: A bad move?


At some point on Thursday, ABC News will announce that George Stephanopoulos will replace Diane Sawyer as the co-host of Good Morning America when Sawyer becomes the anchor of World News Tonight. If you have trouble picturing the former Clinton aide and current host of This Week as a chatty, bubbly morning-show personality, you're not alone. According to Politico, even Stephanopoulos's friends "seem baffled by his decision to take a job that doesn't seem like a natural fit."

In fact, his decision is baffling on several levels. In This Week, Stephanopoulos has one of the plum jobs in TV journalism -- one many thought should have gone to a more experienced journalist and/or someone without a background in partisan politics. But Stephanopoulos has proved a more than able interviewer, and under him This Week has scored some notable ratingsvictories over Sunday-morning Goliath Meet the Press.