Free vitamin plan: no purchase required

Get a free, customized vitamin plan based specifically on your health when you click on the image at right. No purchase is required -- though they gently suggest you buy vitamins -- so this is useful if you already take vitamins or are interested in starting.The idea is by answering a few questions about your diet, exercise habits and family history, the site will be able to address gaps in your overall health. It took me about four minutes to answer the questions. The site then recommended I take 6 vitamins: C, D, fish oil and vitamin E, a fruit and vegetable supplement, and a women's multivitamin. To combat my family history of high cholesterol, the site suggested a take a pill with natural sterols and stanols.

The basic four-week supply of NatureMade vitamins is $36. The cholesterol pill would have been another $12.50 for four weeks. Click on the image at right to get the deal.
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