Facebook update causing problems for PetVille (and others)?


Don't be surprised if you try to login to your favorite Facebook (or Facebook Connect enabled) game today and find an error staring you in the face. Facebook just released an new update, and we've started to hear stories about companies who've been scrambling to make sure their games keep working as usual. Facebook also acknowledges that the new update is causing problems, though what kind of problems isn't really specified.

facebook update causing problems for games
facebook update causing problems for games

PetVille, the new pet simulation game from Zynga, also looks like it may have been affected by the Facebook updates -- we just logged in to the game, only to be greeted with an error message that says "We have noticed connection issues with Facebook that will cause loading problems and inconsistency with your Neighbor list. We expect to be back to normal soon. Thanks for bearing with us."

Maybe this problem will only be short-lived, but it also shows just how reliant companies like Zynga and, frankly, much of the Web, has become on Facebook and a small change on the social network can cause a lot of disruption for business and for consumers. Which makes you wonder: is Facebook really a stable enough to host all of our favorite games?