Don't mess with Texas: Southern states use online coupons the most

Unlike paper coupons, which require some level of effort to clip, keep and use, online coupon codes are so simple a blindfolded 10-year-old could do it. Thanks to ease of use, the trend of using online coupon codes is growing quickly, with Google traffic showing a 30% increase over last November. It's clear people are searching for coupons online, but where are online coupon codes most popular? surveyed 7,500 consumers about their coupon using habits and found that 34% of Southerners search for a coupon code before shopping online. In addition to the survey, CouponCodes4U analyzed the 1 million visitors that came to look at the 100,000 plus coupons and deals in the first month after launching and found that a whopping 64% of visitors hailed from below the Mason-Dixon Line. Comparatively, only 4% of the traffic originated from New York.

It released a list of the top 10 most "coupon code crazy" states based on coupon usage. The list is clearly dominated by the South.
  1. Texas – 51%
  2. Oklahoma – 46%
  3. Virginia – 43%
  4. Illinois – 39%
  5. South Carolina – 35%
  6. Alabama – 34%
  7. Georgia – 31%
  8. Pennsylvania – 26%
  9. Mississippi – 25%
  10. Utah – 23%
"Our traffic, combined with the results of the study, shows that there is more of a saving ethos in the South." said Mark Pearson, the Managing Director of in a press release emailed to WalletPop, "You can save money online from supermarkets, fashion, restaurants and pretty much everything else you can think of – if you're looking to make a purchase online or on main street, make sure there's not a discount coupon first!"

Whether it's a Southern saving mentality or a desire to save big, you certainly don't want to get between a Texan and an online coupon code!
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