$1 Mil Home a Skinny 66 Inches Wide

Narrow London house for saleA London home just 66 inches wide is on the market for just over $1 million dollars. The listing claims it is "internationally recognised for its unique character."

Like a certain New York studio, the house is probably also known for occupants who don't suffer from claustrophobia.

Former residents have included actors, artists, and poets, including German-born fashion photographer Juergen Teller. He's credited with creating fashion photography's gritty realism of the 1990s. Could that "realism" be based on the harsh reality of being able to reach your arms across the 5' 6" span of this home [pdf]?

Here's the skinny on the house...

Faron Sutaria
The narrow house at 110 Goldhawk Road was built in the 1870s in a gap next to a grocer's shop. (Check out the street view.) On the ground floor are two reception rooms. The basement level contains a kitchen and dining room which widens a bit to 10 feet wide and opens out onto a garden. A study and two bathrooms are on the second floor. The master suite is on the top floor.

The master bedroom is dominated by a built-in bed that can only be entered from the foot of the bed.

Says Simon Beatson, sales agent for Faron Sutaria, "It's the sort of place people fall in love with, and although the floorplan is hilarious it does get people to look at it."

The home was last sold in 2006.

Interestingly, this home is not the skinniest in Britain. That honor goes to a tiny home in Millport, on the island of Great Cumbrae of the North Ayrshire coast. The pixie-sized home is just 3 feet, 11 inches wide.
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