World's Most Addicting Games Are On Blog

While we have been covering the the most addictive Facebook games like FarmVille, Mafia Wars and Happy Aquarium, it occurred to us that there are hundreds of addicting games out there that are not on Facebook at all. At the Blog we are constantly looking around the Web for great new online games to play and let people know about.
With our recently redesigned blog we can finally bring the best online games right to you. Check out the three most addicting games on the Web today.

I have personally played all three of these games and lost at least a day of work on each. If you need a time out or just want to get lost in great, simple online games, these three are the best.

Free Online Bloons Tower Defense 4

The Bloons monkey is back and this time he is tackling hundreds of baddy balloons at a time. Bloons Tower Defense 4 is the best and cutest tower defense game ever!
Click Here to play Bloons Tower Defense 4

Free Online Game - The Hardest Game in The World
The game name says it all - The Hardest Game In the World is a puzzle game like no other. With simple graphics and amazing puzzles your brain will be twisted in best puzzle game of the year.

Free Online Game Paper Cannon
Paper Cannon was recommend to us by our own Alex Armero. The wonderful graph paper background brings us all back to the paper and pencil games we played as a kid. Paper Cannon is a complex puzzle game where blowing up little critters is not a mindless affair.
Click here to play Paper Cannon
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