Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress Selling Condo

Rachel Uchitel, a.k.a., Tiger Woods' alleged mistress, isn't just another woman. Oh, no. She's a woman selling a Las Vegas condo. Not just any condo, either: a "ground floor penthouse."

A what? Aren't penthouses supposed to be on the top floor? Maybe that's as old-fashioned an idea as a married man keeping his hoosy-whats-it zipped up and reserved for his wife at home.

(Yes, the same Tiger Woods home
The Palm Beach Post's gossip Jose Lambietcattily described as a cross between a "Motel 6 and a beachside nursing home.")

Ms. Uchitel's 1,500 square-foot condo is on the market for $1.35 million.
Let's take a peek inside this "ground floor penthouse"...

Property records reveal that Miss Uchitel purchased her "ground floor penthouse" at Turnberry Place in October 2006 for $820,000. It has two bedrooms and two baths. In addition to the 1,556 square feet of living space it also boasts a 1,700-ish square foot private terrace where she may or may not have entertained a famous golf pro.

The terrace is probably the best part of the condo because it offers a private walk to the pool. As The Real Estalker points out, that despite its potential, the terrace is
"little more than a sizable slab of poured concrete with a few pieces of outdoor furniture tucked up into the corner."

Perhaps Ms. Uchitel was too busy with another married man to invest in landscape design. Same goes for the interior. It's design is dull and boring with one exception.

That would be the stupidly-designed living room featuring jarring, Vegas-ish copper mosaic tile. Bleh. Ms. Uchitel may have made a living working the velvet rope but why bring the nightclub home?

The kitchen is open to the living area and comes with all the gourmet fixtures you'd expect: granite countertops, Sub-Zero fridge, and
Gaggenau range top. Yawn.

Could Ms. Uchitel's condo be more dull? Clearly her pursuits have nothing to do with interesting design, "ground floor penthouse" or not.

via The Real Estalker
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