80% off


I've only seen discount its gift certificates to 80% off a handful of times. Right now you can get the $25 certificates, which normally sell for $10, for just $2 a pop. Not too shabby!

Click on the link above and use code SHARE to get the super discount. Good through Dec. 14.

On an earlier post on, reader Mike said he objected to all the redemption rules that come with these certs:

The biggest problem that I see with this offer is that a large majority of the coupons include the following: An 18% gratuity charge will be added to the pre-discounted bill. In addition, a $25 certificate can (typically) ONLY be used on a purchase of $35 or more. So let's do the math -- my wife and I go to a restaurant where we've purchased a certificate. Our cost so far $10. We order $35 worth of food and drinks, our cost is still $10. They bring us the bill and take the $25 off but add the gratuity charge $6.30 - total cost to us is $16.30 for the meal. Two problems (for me), first while I'm getting two meals for about half of what it would cost, it's not the deal it first appears to be. Second, when I pay a gratuity I want it to reflect the service I received, but forcing it on my bill sucks -- I don't patronize restaurants that force a gratuity fee and for those two reasons most of the coupons don't work for me.