Need For Speed Nitro races onto Facebook

Electronic Arts has begun to move into the social gaming space with Playfish as its subsidiary, but they aren't neglecting their own properties either. Need For Speed Nitro has made its way to Facebook, and it's a surprisingly good, especially for a tie-in game. While it's rather hands-off with the racing, it still manages to be a fun distraction to spend time with every few hours.

Much like every other racing game, you must start at the lowest tier and work your way up. At the beginning of the game, you choose a car in the C-tier and start doing races. Races consist of choosing how many power-ups you want to take with you, grabbing three opponents from among your friends list, and clicking start. That's all. Once you hit that start button, the four cars (represented by your tags) will drift, draft, and evade around the track for one lap. Power-ups are automatic, and you can pick up more power-ups on the track as well.

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