Medical Mayhem cures your urge for hospitals


Those that have played the business simulation Theme Hospital normally praise its humor and engaging gameplay. Vojo is attempting to rework this formula into a social game with Medical Mayhem, and it's a breath of fresh air on the crowded social games market, even if it does have quite a few flaws. If you're looking something a little different from Mafia Wars or FarmVille, you might derive some pleasure from Medical Mayhem.

The goal of Medical Mayhem is to gather cash and reputation for your hospital. You do this by treating patients at one of three rooms: the ward, pharmacy, or operating room. Patients visit the diagnosis room, where they are then shipped off to one of the three treatment facilities to be cured. Once they have been cured of their ills, a little exclamation pops up at the bottom left and you get cash and reputation.