Lou's Clues: Chippin' on the cheap: Tortilla chips for 50 cents a bag!


How about if I told you that you can get a large bag of great-quality tortilla chips for only about 50 cents per bag, as opposed to the $2.99 you're probably paying for your Tostitos? And just to sweeten this even more, how about I tell you that this deal is available year-round, and doesn't require you to clip any coupons. How, you ask? Let me tell you.

The night before Thanksgiving, we had a bunch of unexpected quests. Since it's the Holiday season, we had more than enough food in the house to throw together a decent meal, but we were out of the usual "chips and dip" type of stuff. Not to worry -- I had a bag of corn tortillas that I had just bought to make enchiladas with the leftover turkey I was expecting, and I had the usual suspects in the fridge -- tomatoes, cilantro, onions in the pantry, etc., so off I went into chip-and-pico-di-gallo mode! Check out this recipe for entertaining, and then check out the dollars spent, or rather, the dollars NOT spent!