Blowin' up: Meet the 5 fastest-growing Facebook games

It might be hard to admit, but as some point, you'll probably fall victim to FarmVille fatigue. Symptoms include checking in on your game less than once a day or plowing your fields, then finding you're too tired to plant new seeds for the next round of crops. If this sounds familiar, we have the perfect solution -- spend some time checking out these five up-and-coming Facebook games and see if they're worthy of your regular rotation.

happy pets on facebook
Happy Pets
This pet simulation game on Facebook lets you adopt and take care of adorable kittens, feeding them, playing games with them and then, when they're all grown up, give them to a loving family in exchange for cash. Then the process starts all over again. It's a little more of a realistic pet game, than, say, Pet Society, where you can dress your pet in costumes and take it fishing.

Pros: Playing with these adorable kittens is like virtual Prozac.

Cons: The kittens grow up to be cats, which are not as cute. Also, if you don't like cats, you're SOL for now -- puppies are "coming soon."

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Restaurant Life

This is your chance to prove you've got what it takes to run a restaurant -- albeit a virtual one. Cook dishes, deck out your restaurant and update your menu, while raking in the big bucks. Think of this game as a more 'mature' version of Cafe World and Restaurant City, minus the cutesy cartoon graphics.

Pros: If you're worried about the strange looks you might get from coworkers, etc, while playing cartoony games on your work computer, this looks a tad more sophisticated.

Cons: This game isn't really that different from the other restaurant simulation games and, while slick, also seems a little sterile. Also: the pics of real food made us extremely hungry.

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diva life on facebookDiva Life
Have you got what it takes to go from a wannabe star to a full-fledged diva? This game lets you customize a superstar and then take them from Off-Off Broadway to the Red Carpet by completing gigs and surviving showdowns with other divas. Think of this game as Mafia Wars meets Hollywood.

Pros: Finally, your chance to be fierce -- as in Sasha Fierce -- without actually having to put in all of the hard work.

Cons: If you're actually trying to achieve Diva-dom, the missions in this game -- such as auditioning for Off-Off Broadway plays and lunching with no-name directors -- might hit a little too close to home.

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medical mayhem facebookMedical Mayhem
Take the Hippocratic Oath and try your hand at running your own hospital, filled with cranky patients and overworked nurses. The goal of the game is to help as many patients as possible by building and upgrading different sections of your clinic, then sneaking over to friends' clinics and stealing their patients. Hilarity ensues.

Pros: Running a hospital in this game is way easier than it looks on House or Gray's Anatomy. Bonus: it's nice to play a Facebook game that doesn't include pets, mobsters, fish or farming.

Cons:This game has lots of tongue-in-cheek humor, but doesn't quite have the same charming personality as a game like FarmVille or Pet Society.

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fish isle facebookFish Isle
Most fish games on Facebook involve aquariums, but this new game lets you build out an island, while netting and harvesting fish off the coast. Close your eyes and the sound of crashing waves and relaxing music almost makes it feel like you're on vacation.

Pros: You get to own an island a la Johnny Depp or Richard Branson without paying the big price tag.

Cons: There's not much to do on the island, outside of taking out your boat to catch fish, restocking, then starting over again.

Play Fish Isle Now >

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