Eco Toys: This holiday season, it's very easy being green


According to Kermit, It's not easy being green, but the frog is going to have to change his tune. Being green is getting easier every day. What was once labeled 'hippie' has become hip and whether we've embraced the eco-centric lifestyle or are taking baby steps, most of us have realized it's not just cool, but important to care about our environment. As the demand for earth-friendly choices trickles into every aspect of the marketplace, "green" toys are getting increasingly easier to find and cheaper to buy -- just in time for the holidays.

The power of the purse has always been an effective way for consumers to communicate which business practices they support and which they do not. Money talks. The 2009 Cone Consumer Environmental Survey found that in spite of the economy, 34% of American consumers said they are more likely to buy environmentally responsible products than they did one year ago. Some 70% of Americans indicated that they are paying attention to what companies are doing with regard to the environment today, even if they aren't buying right now.

"The fact that consumers continue to be interested in the environment and mindful of corporate efforts, even in the midst of a grueling recession, is evidence that this is more than just a passing trend," said Jonathan Yohannan, senior vice president of corporate responsibility for Boston-based Cone. "Environmental responsibility is not just an expectation in times of prosperity."