Ashley Madison is no excuse to have an affair isn't your typical online dating service. It is centered on the theme of adultery. However, it's easy to see that this is purely a marketing strategy designed to shock people and gain their attention. After all, users aren't forced to cheat on their spouses.

All of the site's 4,875,000 members (at the time of this publication) are listed as anonymous, its racy ads feature couples embarking on a wild adventure with a significant other, oh, and their tagline is "life is short, have an affair."

Some, like Mike Galanos of CNN Prime News, would argue that AshleyMadison is an evil site that's exploiting adultery and ruins families to better their bottom line. I think its absolutely ridiculous to make such a claim; this goes to show who is weak enough to fall under control of a business.

It's a personal decision, and to me, AshleyMadison is running a brilliant campaign that merely creates the atmosphere of something risqué. Come on, who doesn't want to spice up their sex life? People have all kinds of fetishes, and in this case some like to engage in adultery. It's difficult to know who is actually married, but I'm sure there are some who are just faking it to engage in this experience.

The more AshleyMadison is trashed talked, the more it'll thrive, because that risqué factor becomes so alluring to many, they can't wait to register to experience -- at their own risk.

So, Mike Galanos can complain all he wants and flash around his marriage ring, but at the end of the day, what makes him such an advocate for responsible marriage?

He argues that AshleyMadison should not be allowed to run commercials during the Super Bowl, wags a finger at the site's spokesperson and declares the ads are displaying the wrong message to children. Has this man heard of free speech?

Bottom line -- your marriage is what you make of it and AshleyMadison should not be held responsible. Just look at Tiger Woods, he made a dumb mistake, and the media blames him, and not the countless number of women who may have "influenced" the adultery.
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