Vancouver's Olympic Rise in Rent

A Vancouver landlord would like to raise his tenants' monthly rent by $15,450!
File under: not fair, eh. recently reported that a Vancouver woman is being forced to rent month-to-month and may soon face eviction because her landlord wants to cash in and jack up rents during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics in February and March. The landlord is denying the claim, but it sounds fishy, eh.

Lets see what the fuss is all aboot.
Eight tenants renting apartments in a Canadian rental home got suspicious when they all received "notice to end tenancy" letters around the same time. Sue Brown had also previously been notified that when her $545 a month lease expired she'd be forced to go month to month. Then, one Brown saw a listing for her apartment online priced at whopping $32,000 for January and February -- that's $16,000 a month or a $15,450 a month raise!

"It's a really, really, really horrible, vulnerable awful feeling to lose your home," said tenant Sue Brown. "We were lied to."

The landlord, Mariana Gerenska, denies the accusation. She says, she's pregnant and wanted to clear out the apartments to make room for family coming to visit from Bulgaria during that time. She said she posted the ads more than a year ago out of curiosity to see what kind of response they'd get and that she'll take them down.

"I totally feel targeted. The coincidence is my due date," said Gerenska from Victoria.

She also said she offered to help the tenants find another rental and was an accommodating landlord.

Laura Track of the Pivot Legal Society said even if Gerenska isn't telling the truth and a false reason was given in the eviction notice the fixed-term lease agreement expired so there's nothing illegal about the eviction.
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